Mental Photography


  • Are you overworked and stressed out struggling with information?
  • Are you a student wanting the ultimate study edge?
  • Do you want to pass tests with ease and high scores?
  • Are you a professional needing an edge to climb the corporate ladder?
  • Too many books, not enough time?
  • Do you need to sift through useless information for important pieces?
  • Do you suffer dyslexia and find reading difficult to impossible?
  • Do you not remember what you just read?
Mental Photography is your answer!

Knowledge is Power…

What is Mental Photography?

You were born with this ability switched on. You used it for the first 5 years of your life. You were born genius! You were an information sponge! You naturally learned extremely complex things during that time. Just ask your parents, or look at your children.

Why don’t I use it now?

When you go to school you are taught to think that you are learning a superior method of learning. Not true! Reading is taught in opposition to Mental Photography. When you were taught to read, the ability was switched off. Reading does not work for everyone because it is Not a natural ability. Mental Photography is natural, and does work for everyone.

Can I learn Mental Photography, again?

Yes! It is the natural ability you were born with. You never lose it. We have taught thousands of people just like you, Mental Photography since 1975, when Richard Welch first discovered it. For over 30 years we have constantly upgraded our teaching so that you can achieve your absolute best results. We were the first to teach Mental Photography, and We are still the best! and yes, It is real!

Richard Welch is the “Father of Mental Photography”

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