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Brain Management for Business

Facts, Intuition and Action = Higher Productivity


This is the secret to successful decision making as companies experience the paradigm shift and move into the 21st century!

Weston Agor, the author of “Intuitive Management” and “Intuition at the Top”, relates his findings about the number one ingredient for management: the ability to tune in to your intuition, then the guts or good sense to act upon it!

Brain Management teaches the unleashing of this potent natural ability and its many applications. Not only will you learn to tap this hidden resource, but other magnificent natural abilities such as Mental Phtography. This ability allows you to assimilate information at two pages per second with 100% retention. There is a significant increase in comprehension compared to reading or speed-reading while Mentally Photographing.

Other benefits of the Brain Management system include: dramatically reduced stress, higher energy, less lost time due to illness, a much happier employee, and higher productivity.

Richard L. Welch, CEO of Educom, Inc., and Founder of Brain Management, is committed to the awareness and expansion of human consciousness worldwide. Over 25 years of dedicated research has made him a leading-edge explorer in the development and uses of the mind. He brings innovative and exciting technologies to the world. Mr. Welch is a well-known speaker and teacher. He has appeared on numerous television and radio shows.

The same principles that have allowed Brain Management to grow internationally can be incorporated into your organization by teaching the Brain Management system to your management and employees. It will sharpen your current management team and allow the top employees to prepare for the transition into management as your growth accelerates. Hiring, then promoting new employees, is much simpler than finding qualified managers from outside your company.

As you look through this site, realize this is where you and your company can make a quantum leap into the future.


The conscious mind is the Great Procrastinator and Thinker. The subconscious, on the other hand, simply carries out the job that we give it — without question.

Brain Management teaches YOU how to program YOUR subconscious – putting YOU in control of your life. By turning tasks over to the subconscious, the tasks are achieved efficiently and effortlessly.

“Welcome to Tomorrow!”