Richard Welch Audio Interviews

Richard Welch

Richard LeRoy Welch, PhD(hon)

CEO and Founder of Brain Management 

The “Father of Mental Photography”

Audio Interviews:

Mental Photography – NO LIMITS :

Learn HOW to Learn :

The Brain Management Process :

Doctors, Attorneys & Professionals Experience :

Intuitive Management for Business :

Wealth Creation :

Increase Sales 2 – 3 times :

Dealing with STRESS :

Benefits far outweigh price :

The following audio portions are from a radio interview in Atlanta, Georgia, USA:

Radio Show – Atlanta, Georgia :

Speed Reading Pro & Con :

Mental Photography Over Reading and Speed Reading :

What is Mental Photography :

Mental Photography should be required for Educators :

Whole Brain Learning excites the Brain to Grow :

Subconscious Programming :

Health and Healing :

Awareness, Perception, & Peripheral Vision :

Relaxation and affecting Stress :

Solve Problems while you Sleep :

Intuitive Management brings Business Success :

The Conscious Mind Procrastinates – The Subconscious “Does” :

Acheive the “Zone” in Athletics :

How will this affect my Pleasure Reading? :

Creativity :

Learning Foreign Languages :