(Currently available only in Australasia, Australia, and New Zealand)

The eBrain Management Executive Seminar is the premier version of the Brain Management Seminar (Subliminal Dynamics in the USA) made famous by

Dr. Richard Welch, the “Father of Mental Photography”.

Along with Mental Photography and the other synergistic techniques presented in the basic seminar, it includes refinements and advancements that make the program better for achieving results quickly. Additional tips and progressive programs allow the student to pole-vault over hurtles like never before.

This training includes the ‘Path of Least Resistance’ and how it relates to everything you do, and involves strategies that will make your life a better place to live. With this training under your belt, expect to experience great things!

Dr. Welch and Shannon Panzo, PhD collaborated efforts for 17 years to produce this one-of-a-kind seminar with the ability to make terrific impact in all areas of your life. Currently, this seminar is only available from Executive Instructor, Shannon Panzo.

For a point of reference, we have included the course description for the ‘Brain Management Seminar’, all of which is included in the Executive Seminar.

Brain Management Seminar

(Subliminal Dynamics in the USA)(Currently available world-wide except Australasia, Australia, and New Zealand) The Brain Management Seminar (Subliminal Dynamics in the USA) was made famous by

Dr. Richard Welch, the “Father of Mental Photography”,

and is still taught around the world by Richard’s hand picked Instructors. Mental Photography, invented in 1975 by Dr. Richard Welch is at the core of these seminars. With over 30 years of research, development, and testing,

Richard is an icon of the advanced learning community. His techniques have stood the test of time. Though Richard has retired, the impact of his trainings is felt globally.

The eBrain Management Executive Seminar includes everything you learn in the Brain Management Seminar, plus a whole lot more!

The Brain Management Seminar includes the following components:

  • Thesaurus/Dictionary Drill – Stimulates photographic recall
  • Openings – For excercizing your brain and expedites path building
  • Mental Photography – For all other books you intend to recall
  • Make lasting changes
  • Decrease Stress
  • Make Decisions easily
  • Solve problems
  • Increase Productivity
  • Turn deficits into attributes
  • Achieve success, no matter what life throws you.
  • Mental Photography – Information at 25,000++ words per minute, and Brain Building Exercise.
  • 3 Methods of Mental Photography to maximize use and applications:
  • Triggering Techniques — to trigger recall of mentally photographed material.
  • Eye Chart Drill – Increasing peripheral vision, Awareness, Perception, and Intuition.
  • Albert Einstein’s Distraction Index – for 100% locked-in concentration
  • Self Programming – You will learn an easy and complete way to:
  • Testing for your conscious and subconscious feedback.
  • Belief Factors – Feedback for you on a daily basis to assist with your gains.
  • Healing & Health Maintenance – Simple techniques to promote health and wellness.
  • Dream Cycle – To access & utilize this part of your life for gains.
  • Applications of this training are too numerous to list.