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The brain, the brain, the brain … fascinating device.' - Dr. Richard Welch, Father of Mental Photography. Brain Management
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Dr. Richard Welch
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Doctor of Psychology - "...it's like eating cookies"



Mother of Child with learning disabilities  - "...since then he has been coming home with about 100% on every test!"



Chiropractor / Radio Announcer 

"I've learned how to link the conscience with the sub-conscience mind" 


"Its impacted my life like you would not believe!"



"It would change your life ... it would happen in a couple days!" 


HR / nurse / psychotherapist / healer  - " there is not anything to stop me from what I say I want to do"


College Principal - "...miraculous results and in the most mysterious of ways!"


Postmaster, cancer victim -

"I do not take these [cancer] drugs anymore!"



"... for healing the mind...the mind can heal anything"


Client Comment  - "... I found it to be [the course] absolutely impecable"



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